When things are meant to be, they seem to just fall into place. That is the one line that describes us.

Meeting in college through friends of friends, we became connected forever. Our shared love for all things Disney did not hurt either. We were inseparable and in two and a half short years we were married. Fast forward another two and a half years and along came our son, followed not too quickly by our daughter almost another two and a half years after that. We are starting to see a pattern! HAHA!

Now were does photography come into play? We both have always appreciated a well taken photo and thought that being photographers would be a great way to enjoy life. After awhile of enjoying the hobby of photography we decided to turn our passion into our business.

Photography is such a joy to us and the people we get to meet through this adventure makes it that much better.   


1. I believe all ties should be tied in the double windsor knot

2. I am a Spartan Ultra Beast Race finisher

3. I was once featured in a PBS special (Paddles up!)

4. I love Dad Jokes (Want to hear a joke about construction? ....I'm still working on it....)

5. I wish every day was Taco Tuesday!

5 Fun Facts 
About Us


1. My favorite movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2. I enjoy a nice glass of red wine at the end of the day

3. My favorite season is fall! I really love a rainy day with a fuzzy blanket and a good book

4. I wish it could be Christmas all year long! 

5. I can name every episode of Friends (Not in order...sorry guys, I'm not THAT good!)